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Summertime Activities for La Crosse, WI Children

Your choices are many but your time is running short. It’s the time of year for parents to decide what activities they will be putting their kids in this summer.

Are you planning on doing the same things that your kids have done before or will you decide to change it up this summer? What is it that your kids want to do?

Are you looking for something that will just keep them busy or are you looking for something that can teach them important life skills and values?

Have you ever considered the arts for your kids as a summer activity this summer? When I say the arts I’m specifically talking about the martial arts.

Why the martial arts and how might a martial arts summertime kids camp be just what you and your child are looking for this summer?

Here are a few things to consider about summer activities that include involvement in a martial arts summer camp.

  • Scientific studies have shown that music and martial arts stimulate many of the same learning centers in the brains of children. Most notably martial arts and music develop the areas in the brain that improve structure, patterns, and understanding sequence
  • Martial arts training develops focus, respect, commitment, self-discipline and it’s also fun for kids
  • Kids learn something new and different that can help them challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. Kids also learn the importance of trying new things in an atmosphere that teaches them that mistakes are a part of learning and that it’s important they learn how to not let their mistakes distract them from their enjoyment for the new skill that they are learning.

So where can you find this martial arts summer activity for your child?

Consider the Nicklaus’ Martial Arts 3 Day Summer Camps this summer for your child.

No previous experience is needed only a desire to learn something new and have fun.

Click this link to register your child for our La Crosse, WI Summer Camps

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