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Make The School Year Successful – La Crosse, WI

PARENTS… Ever wish that you had a list of Powerful Tips to Share with your Child as the School Year Successful? If so, Read On. The following are some tips for you to discuss with your child that will help him/her achieve great grades in school and also help your child be a Happy, Healthy, and Confident Person. We share these tips with our students and these small reminders have caused dramatic effects

  1. Remember that your first few classes are your most important classes. First impressions matter. Concentrate and be alert so that you can do your best. Start your school year off with a bang. Focus your eyes, Focus your ears, Focus your body, Focus your mind. Be ready to grow and learn.
  2. Your room is your castle and your office. Be sure to make it orderly and functional. Keep it clean. Remember, this is not mom or dad’s job. The good habits that you develop now will serve you well throughout your life.
  3. Be on time for school and your classes. Late is never good while being early is always looked upon with favor. Little things matter.
  4. Rule your own life. If you let the television, video games, or your friends rule your life then you can not become the winner that you are capable of becoming. It’s difficult sometime but it’s important to MAKE THE PLAN AND WORK THE PLAN. There will always be distractions. Stay the course.
  5. Walk away from situations or people that will destroy your mental or physical growth. Don’t listen to people who say cruel and harmful things to you. Don’t believe those things and don’t accept the cruel things as true. Remember, you are the gatekeeper. Keep the junk out.
  6. Have a POSITIVE relationship with your parents and your teachers and always show respect. Show respect at all times and you will do better in every area of your life.
  7. BE SELECTIVE IN CHOOSING YOUR FRIEINDS. You do not have to be friends with the whole school. Pick out a few people who are headed in the same direction in life that you are. If you hang out with the respectful, hard- working, and safe people then you will also be respectful, hard-working, and safe. PICK YOUR FRIENDS WITH CARE. YOU ARE WORTH IT
  8. Choose to be a winner. Never accept anything but the best from yourself. If you are having trouble achieving your best don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs help at some time. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Please share these tips with your child and revisit them each week. If your child can read it’s also a good idea to put them in a place where he/she can see and read them on a regular basis.

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NO ATHLETIC ABILITY NEEDED. Especially great exercise for kids not involved in sports.
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