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My grandson he has showed so much growth, in mind and in his balance. He follows directions more easily. The instructors are great. He likes them all. They are exceptional at getting the kids to participate at their level and improving at each skill. We are pleased with the atmosphere, a great place to learn caring, sharing, and respect. La Crosse, Wi.
Martial Arts America has a wonderful well rounded karate program. For starters, they have the two-time Grand Champion winner of Diamond Nationals teaching along with 3 others who have excelled at martial arts as well. They work with us as parents regarding respect and discipline issues both at home and at school. They expect a lot out of their students and hold them accountable in a way that is positive yet firm. Each student is challenged to work to their ability with others in the class encouraging them not laughing at them. Our family now has our 3rd child starting their program and she has improved a great deal regarding her attitude and respectfulness. It is a joy to have a program with people who really care about your child. We look forward to the day our daughter, now 6 years old, test for her black belt. La Crosse, Wi.
“I always knew it took dedication /commitment to achieve your belts. What I was amazed of after coming into sign Morgan up was one of the main factors in achieving your belts had to do with family dynamics. They have to respect their parents, do chores, and participate in their family! I think many children could use some of this. I commend Mr. Cornell’s commitment to these kids and his dedication to helping every child achieve their goal! He ROCKS!”
“I have gained more confidence at work with my peers. I have learned to work as a team. I have also learned to stand up for myself especially at work.”
“Martial Arts America has helped Kaitlyn to be more self-confident and respectful of others. She loves the classes, the instructors and the friends she has made. Mr. Cornell is a great mentor and motivates Kaitlyn in all aspects of her life; home, school, and social life.”
“This karate has been a great help in my child. It helps discipline and listening and focusing in our daily lives to improve. Having each child earn a stripe helps them become more mature. I really like this program because it is a great help in our childrens and our lives.”
“Both of my children, ages 4 and 9, started karate classes in September 2012. I have noticed at home them saying “yes ma’am” when asked to do something, which has been self initiated. My son takes his karate homework seriously and daily, on his own, practices his kicks and push-ups, sometimes twice a day. He has also shown signs of paying closer attention when asked to do something. My daughter is working on balance and focusing, two things she struggles with but I have seen small signs of improvement. I can’t wait to see what improvements I will see in the next six months.”
“My son has taken karate for two months now. He has improved his level of respect at home and his motivation to do his chores to help the family. Although he still needs reminders, he doesn’t argue about getting them done. On weekends he also asks about extra chores to get more credit. He is very impressed with his instructors skills and hopes to attain their level of skill. Recently my son had a behavior issue at school. Mr Cornell stepped in with serious but patient counseling that helped my son be motivated to make changes in his perspective, attitude, and goals.”
“Years ago Ryan and I passed the Martial Arts America karate studio. He started in the Dragons Little Kids Program as a white belt. He gradually liked the classes more and more. He was able to focus on school work, he was paying more attention in school, showed respect to his friends, got good grades and listens well to myself and his teachers. Since Ryan had improved his listening and focusing skills, he was invited to join the Leadership program. He kept doing well both at school and at home. Thank you Mr. Cornell and other instructors at Marital Arts America.”
“The teachers are wonderful, my son is so happy to go to class. I love the way my son has transformed in the short time he has been at MAA. At MAA ha has learned respect, discipline, and MAA is helping with his focusing he needs to work. Thanks again!”
“I have seen my daughters gain more focus and their self-confidence has increased making my youngest daughter’s ability to deal with, or even now how to stay away from, bullies.”
“I feel the program has helped my child to be more focused and committed to what she is doing whether it be martial arts, other sports or school work. We are thankful for all that the program has done for her.”

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