Self Defense – Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America

This is something that you can do for your employees that they will appreciate and keep them talking for days and even weeks.

Your Employees should...

  • Be safe at home and while ou​t on the town
  • Be safe while travelling to other cities
  • Have the opportunity to discover what they need to stay safe and avoid dangerous confrontations
  • Be confident and empowered that they know what to do just in case they might ever find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation

Knowledge is power and your staff can find this easy to learn, powerful knowledge during one of our in house seminars

Bad things can happen to good people but it is possible to reduce the risk of bad things happening to your people.

 It’s good to know what your options are and how you can completely avoid and gain the knowledge to be safer in any potentially dangerous situation

You provided simple steps for us to follow so we could follow along, practice, and feel confident

“Thank you so much for coming to our workplace to conduct a self-defense class. It provided us with a strong foundation of moves that will help us in the unfortunate event of an attack. You provided simple steps for us to follow so we could follow along, practice, and feel confident in how to effectively react to holds from a would be assailant. You made the class fun and interesting. Thank you again!”

Crystal, Crystal Everson-Quartz Benefits

You will learn:

  • What to look for and how to steer clear of potentially dangerous situations
  • The importance of analyzing your environment to keep you safe
  • The weak parts of the body and what you can do if a situation escalates into physical confrontation
  • The importance of body language and eye contact in avoiding dangerous situations
  • The power of your attitude in keeping you safe and free of danger
  • The real facts about what to do when confronted with a weapon
  • Why you never leave the place of first contact

These are only some of the important, potentially life- saving lessons that you will be able to give to yourself and your staff with the Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America Personal Safety and Awareness Training Program

Length of program- 1 ½ hours

Call 788-4410 for more information and to schedule your in house Personal Safety and Awareness Program

"Fred was a great teacher"

Diana cukla

La Crosse County

HR Generalist

Fred provided self-defense and personal safety training at one of our annual trainings and the employees loved how it was interactive and fun!  Fred was a great teacher with thorough instructions/demonstrations and definitely knew his stuff!

The training accommodated all fitness levels and abilities and our employees appreciated the topic and how they now feel safer and better prepared.