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Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn self-defense or equip your child with confidence, discipline, focus and respect I encourage you to keep your eyes glued…

Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America has been providing martial arts instruction, lessons and classes for men, women and children in the La Crosse Wisconsin area since the 1970’s. 

You or your Children will enjoy a Safe, Clean and Fun Class each time you come to a class


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​I'm not too athletically coordinated. Can I still do this program?
Being athletically coordinated is just like everything else in life - it's a skill that takes practice. By joining this program - you'll become extremely athletic and extremely well-coordinated.
Nothing out there gets you more limber, loose, and in incredible athletic shape than MMA training. Simply put, nothing else makes your body move in so many unique ways. So if you're not coordinated now, don't worry. After a few sessions you'll be nicely surprised at how your body has changed.

​Am I too old for this training?
No, no, no! We've trained guys as young as their teens, to guys in their 60's and older. If you have the determination, then that's all you need. Show up with your willing attitude, and we'll make sure you get the best workout of your life, perfectly execute the techniques, and have a TON of fun too.

​What are my chances of injury?
Because we place a ton of importance on flawless technique - this dramatically reduces your chances of injury. Most injuries come from improper technique, not warming up your muscles before getting started, and not stretching. Well, guess what? We make sure you get all three of those in. On top of our supportive environment, and passionate coaches who walk you through every step of the way, that's why our injury rate is so low.
After years of doing this - we hardly ever see any injuries. It's the closest thing to 100% safe as you'll get with MMA training.

​It seems violent... Will I have fun?
No one here shows up with the intention of hurting anyone. Everyone wants to have a safe, fun time and is extremely supportive, and just wants to see you do your best.
So to answer your question - yes! You'll have a blast! This is the funnest thing on earth. It's more of a rush than skydiving (trust me, I've done it) and funner than basketball, soccer, or any other sport (yep, I've done those too. They don't even come close)!important
MMA might be violent - but it's far from "hostile". It's about comradery and accomplishment - not competition and hurting one another.