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Get Fit Studio by Sarah

A Fitness Open House For You.

It’s been over 40 years that I’ve been working with students in the martial arts and fitness industry.

Over that time I’ve had the good fortune to try many things and to learn from both the good things that I’ve tried and also the not so good things.

In that time I’ve discovered some important good things for success in a fitness business or any business for that matter.

Here they are:

  • Know your people and what they want from your program
  • Teach high energy classes. People want to come to a place that motivates them to improve
  • Mix things up. Do things differently so that there’s variety in your classes
  • Smile and let your people know that you are always happy to see them and appreciate their effort

Recently I met a fitness business owner who hits on all of these very important points.

Her name is Sarah Lau-Melby.

Sarah owns the GET Fit Studio by Sarah at 315 Ryan Street in Holmen.

Sarah has been in that location since May after moving her operation from Trempealeau.

I wanted to invite you to her Open House on Saturday November 10.

Here’s the schedule of events:

If you are looking for some high energy exercise and loads of fun then carve a few hours out of your schedule to join us on the 10th.

I’ll be there to do some Self- Defense from 10-10:45.

If you’d like to reach out to Sarah directly, please visit the Get Fit Studio By Sarah Facebook Page.

Read some of her reviews: Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews

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