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Kids Activities In La Crosse

Finally, spring seems to be here. Be careful what you say because that cold, white stuff might still be waiting just around the corner. Let’s assume that it’s not and parents are starting to look for kids activities in La Crosse for the spring and summer months.Kids_Activities_in_Lacrosse_WI_1

La Crosse really does offer quite a few things for young people to do. There are many sports leagues for youngsters as well as art, music, outdoor activities, and classes and camps that are available to choose from.

So how do you decide what’s the best choice for you and your family?

You know your child better than anyone. You also have a fairly good idea of what your son/daughter would be interested in when it comes to finding a kids activity in La Crosse for this spring or summer.

One of the best ways to find out what the best place to do your chosen activity would be is to take a trip to the group or business that you are planning to support and talk to the people in charge or ask to actually take part in that chosen activity.

Seeing and feeling something with your own eyes is one of the best ways for you to decide if this is right for you.

Before you make your journey to find your kids activities in La Crosse for this year it’s always a good idea to ask yourself what type of instruction you are looking for.

What I mean is, will the activity be one that requires little or no physical movement, such as art or music, or are you thinking about also having some form of exercise or movement incorporated into your child’s day. If you’re looking for movement then activities such as baseball, soccer, dance, basketball, swimming, and martial arts are good choices.

Let’s talk about the physical activities for the rest of this article.

What next? What type of instruction are you looking for? Do you want your kids activities in La Crosse to be something that your son or daughter does for only a short period of time or do you want it to be something that can be a long term involvement?

What about what your child will learn in this summer activity in La Crosse?

Kids_Activities_in_Lacrosse_WI_2Are you interested in just taking part in a class and learning the physical skills needed to perform that particular discipline or are you also interested in coaches and teachers talking about and working with your child on such skills as focus, accepting challenges, expecting big things of him/herself, and respecting self and others?

If you are currently looking for kids activities in La Crosse for this spring and summer and you’re also looking for a program that combines physical as well as life skill training then you might consider a martial arts program at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America.

A short one month FREE trial gives you a chance to try the program for an extended time and see if both you and your child feel that it can be beneficial as well as fun. You can find out more about the program at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America and kids activities in La Crosse whether you child is 4-6 years old or whether he or she is 7-12 years old.

Fred Nicklaus
Owner and Master Instructor
Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America

Karate Teaches Respect

What does it take to create a happy, successful life? What are the skills that we must help our children develop in order for them to grow into the adults that we want them to become? By Karate_Teaches_Respect_Lacrosse_2teaching respect in the karate class we give our students an understanding and a guideline for their future success and happiness.

In the martial arts school we have many mat chats and daily discussions with our students about the things that we know can help them live more fulfilled lives. Some of the qualities that we regularly suggest that they work on are focus, commitment, ability to accept challenges and overcome mistakes, mental toughness, confidence, and health and fitness to name a few.

All of these aforementioned qualities certainly make an important positive difference and contribute to the growth and development of any child, but there is one thing that we have not mentioned to this point that everything else revolves around.

We believe that everything in our lives revolves around the respect that we have for ourselves and the respect that we then learn to show others.

Let’s spend a few moments going over this all-important skill.

Self respect starts with the things we do or don’t do for ourselves. Some of these things include studying to get better grades, getting fresh air and movement in our daily regimen, thinking good thoughts about ourselves and our abilities, and believing in our possibilities.

Karate_Teaches_Respect_Lacrosse_1 Karate teaches respect by helping students understand that by regularly practicing certain skills they can develop a feeling of accomplishment. Their belief in their ability to perform grows and their trust in themselves also grows. It’s a great feeling.

The growth of our self respect is a direct result of the way we see ourselves. This self observation helps us believe in our possibilities and helps us understand that there is a correct way to do most things in our lives.

As we continue to do the things and think the thoughts that help us grow our self respect we also come to realize that extending respect to everyone in our world leads to a more meaningful and peaceful existence.

Carefully choosing the words we speak before we speak them, extending a kind word or a smile to someone in need, treating others in the exact fashion that we ourselves feel comfortable being treated, these are all things that come more naturally for a person who has taken the time to develop his/her own self respect.

Karate teaches respect and at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America we believe that an essential element that allows all of our students to grow this all important skill of respect is to immerse them in an environment that allows them to try new things and not worry whether or not they make mistakes.

Giving our students the chance to explore and discover new skills without the fear of being reprimanded or scoffed at helps each student develop confidence in their abilities and helps them feel comfortable in their own skin.

By teaching respect in the karate classroom we help our students become people that like themselves and feel that they are capable of performing at higher and higher levels. People that respect themselves and others most often have a kinder and more self assuring self talk and belief in themselves.

Respect continually grows when a person realizes that his/her actions and behaviors towards him/herself and others are working and helping to create an environment that is conducive to growth, teamwork, and peaceful coexistence.

Respect provides us all with a key to future growth and personal development.

Remember to go to our NEW website to see what our karate classes do for 4-6 year olds and how karate teaches respect for that age group.

Fred Nicklaus
Owner and Master Instructor
Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America

Martial Arts Teaches People to Slow Down and Focus

When I sit and reflect on my 56 years on the planet I often wonder at how life has changed.

I can very vividly remember having a black and white t.v. and having only 3 channels to watch. I can remember when the cost of gas was 25 cents per gallon. I remember my first job while I was in high school and just a while ago I remember thinking that I never imagined that I would be 56.

Things always change. It’s the one constant. At the same time that’s not to say that we can’t keep some of the good things that we have learned from the past.

Case in point.

Even though our business at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America has changed many of our core teachings and values have not.

In a world where many people want it right now we still take our time in the martial arts. People still have to show up and do the work in order to get the prize.

Some of the most important skills that we work on in our program are focus, commitment, and perseverance. These are the skills that all of our students can use every day of their lives, no matter what they do, in order to improve and eventually gain success.

The philosophy of the martial arts is simple. It is to enjoy the journey and believe that you can always improve. The thought is not “that’s good enough, what’s next” but instead “ I’ll continue to work on that because I can always improve.”

Martial Arts practice not only builds skill but it also teaches us patience. Strengthening the body also strengthens the mind. Practice and patience help us to reach higher and more meaningful goals and help us believe that there are better things that we can do.

What if we could take our time more? What if we didn’t feel so rushed? What if we were not so concerned with reaching the finish line? Is it possible that we could learn more and through learning more achieve a higher and more valuable level of understanding? Isn’t that what knowledge really is?

We’re excited to have you in our martial arts program either for kids or adults. We’re thankful that our approach is slower and that the results that our students get will be more meaningful and last a lifetime.

It’s good to slow down a bit.

Fred Nicklaus
Owner & Master Instructor

What Martial Arts Can Do For You

So you’re thinking about an exercise program for yourself or a family member. You’re not sure what to try, but you’ve got a long list of maybes.

Have you considered martial arts classes?

Here are some reasons why martial arts training might be something for you to consider.

Martial arts training, and its many differents styles and systems, have been around for thousands of years. Many good teaching and learning techniques have been discovered over that time. Many of these successful techniques are completely new to many people.

It’s not so much the system that you should be looking at when considering martial arts training, but more importantly the people who are teaching the system.

It’s important that the teacher that you choose be proficient in what he/she is teaching and has an ability to make students feel safe and comfortable in this new learning environment.

Back to the question of why you should consider martial arts training for your exercise program.

The martial arts provide students with an all body workout. This means that the benefits to you include cardio vascular fitness, strength, and flexibility.

In addition to the physical benefits of martial arts training there are also many mental and emotional benefits.

Going through the challenges of developing the physical skills of the martial arts leads to students who develop more self-confidence, persistence, ability to accept challenges, as well as an enhanced self image.

The challenges of the martial arts are realistic and doable. Students will be taken to new levels of challenge and difficulty all the while feeling that this is something that they can do.

Martial arts training provides students with a place where they can also get away from the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s learning a new pattern of movements, a new and intricate self defense manuever, or a challenging set of kicks and punches, martial arts training allows the person an opportunity to get away from it all and immerse themselves on the task at hand.

In many cases martial arts practitioners have reported a calmer more relaxed outlook as well as an increased ability to focus and get things done while at work, school, or at home.

Martial arts training has proven to be the total package for many children and adults. There’s a good possibility it can prove to be your answer to better fitness and overall health too.