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Balancing Sports and School Year

Parents… The New School Year Can Be Scary For Your 4-6 Year Old. Would You Be Interested In Helping Your Child Make This School Year The Best Ever By Giving Him/Her Improved Listening Skills?
School might actually be more than scary for your 4-6 year old. It might be TERRIFYING?
Every year 4-6 year old boys and girls begin an new school year. Some will be coming in contact with school for the very first time while others have already experienced their first school year.
As a parent you want your child to look forward to the school year and not be afraid of it
Kids should be excited to go to school and experience the many things that can inspire and grow their imaginations and their capacity to learn things that are beneficial and challenging
In order for your child to get the absolute most out of his/her early school experience there are a few things that your child will need and the sooner the better
The skills that I’m going to talk about are not something that your child will just grow into. These skills are something that your child must practice on a regular basis.
It’s not easy to practice these skills when many of their friends and fellow classmates are likely not on the same page
An Essential Skill To Learning Effectively
One of the skills that I’m talking about is FOCUS
Focus is a skill essential to learning when
• The rest of their classmates are running around the room and paying attention to everything that is not what they should be paying attention to

• Your child needs to look and listen to the teacher but many of the other kids are being distracted by something outside the classroom window or by their next door neighbor

• It’s time to hear the directions that are being given so that your child can complete the project to his/her own satisfaction and to the directions of the teacher

Do you feel that I’m getting ahead of myself?
I understand how you could feel that way
After all

We’re talking about 4-6 year olds. There is so much time for these youngsters to work on the skills that they need to be happy and successful in school and in life
But… I would ask you to consider this
The Growth Of Focus and Self-Confidence- Why It’s So Important At An Early Age

Young people who are able to center their attention on a speaker or a set of directions not only get the project right but as they continue to work on FOCUS they also develop another very important skill, SELF-CONFIDENCE

Isn’t this what your child is asked to do in the school classroom every day? Wouldn’t you agree that a child who is not practiced in these skills will suffer and not learn as well? This lack of Focus and Self-Confidence in his/her school situation can quickly influence other areas of life in a negative way as well

Kids are kids and they are only young once. I understand. They should be able to have fun and
just be kids

That’s very true, but as they are having fun and being kids why not sprinkle in a regular dose of Focus developing skills that are fun and that help them believe in themselves no matter what the challenge might be

And we all know, there will be many challenges in their young lives with school and school performance being one of the very big ones

So shouldn’t arming your child with Focus and Self-Confidence be a top priority?


Where can a parent go to find a place that can help a child develop Focus and Self-Confidence?

Have You Considered Sports As A Way To Develop important Life Skills?
Sports are a great outlet for many kids. They provide a way for young people to move and to become fit. Every youngster should have a regular dose of fitness and movement in their daily regimen
Let’s consider the team sport idea

Even though team sports can be very beneficial for some kids all kids are not comfortable in a team sport setting. What might be fine for one youngster might not fit at all for another one

Team sports can prove to be too much and too chaotic for a 4-6 year old. Kids can feel overwhelmed and not at all a part of something special.

So if team sports might not be the thing for your daughter/son, then would it be worth your while to take a look at individual sports?

Reasons For Individual Sports

Individual sports take away the pressure of being on a team and having to perform for the team.
Certainly individuals in these sports will eventually become part of a team as they continue to participate, the emphasis at this point is on the growth of the individual

Individual sports such as gymnastics, swimming, dance, and martial arts are all sports that allow a youngster a chance to explore his/her own potential without the pressure of keeping up with other team members

Wouldn’t it be great if we gave young kids a chance to take their time and not feel rushed about taking part in any particular sport?

Wouldn’t it be great if kids could learn at their own pace without worrying about keeping up with anyone else or being afraid of making mistakes?

Why Martial Arts Training Can Provide Great Answers

I’m going to speak specifically about martial arts

For the past 40 years I’ve had the privilege to work with 4-6 year olds and develop a system for them that is both fun and challenging

Most importantly this system gives myself and my instructors a chance to help all of our students develop the skill of FOCUS which in time leads to a youngster who is willing to ACCEPT CHALLENGES because of a growing SELF-CONFIDENCE that has regularly developed over time

This system works for 4-6 year olds kids who are shy at the beginning and it also works for those who are more outgoing

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Feeling Good and Making Progress


So how does all of this talk about sports and specifically martial arts tie into school

Success and happiness in school, sports, and life in general comes down to how a person feels about him/herself

Much of how one feels about oneself comes down to what they have achieved, how they have met challenges, and what type of belief in themselves that the person has developed over time.

Our martial arts program helps kids develop the skills of Focus and Self-Confidence and has been proven instrumental in developing youngsters who believe that they are capable of meeting any challenge. Our program also helps youngsters realize that mistakes are a part of learning and not something that should make them feel inept and sad.

As a parent you can better prepare your 4-6 year old child for the challenges of the upcoming school year

You can arm your child with the skills necessary to survive and flourish

We’d like to help

Fred Nicklaus

To find out more about our Focus and Self Confidence building program for 4-o6 year olds be sure to fill out the form on this page

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