About US – Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America

And Why Our Martial Arts classes make a positive difference in our student’s lives​

Who We Are:

The team at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America is a dedicated team of martial arts professionals who seek to bring the best in martial arts instruction, life skill training, and character development to all of our students. 

What We Do:

The practice of martial arts leads to growth in commitment levels, willingness to try new things, ability to move forward even after not getting it right the first time, improved focus, and higher levels of self-confidence along with a heightened self- image. 

Why We Do it:

We believe that anyone can benefit from challenging themselves to do their best. It’s an important part of our commitment to our students to help them expect big things of themselves.

We Are Excited To Help Those Who:

  • Are excited to discover new and exciting challenges
  • Want to improve their physical fitness, focus, and personal skill level
  • Would like to try something new that is exciting and can provide life- long benefit
  • Want to develop personal safety and self- defense skills
  • Willing to work hard in order to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments

What You Can Expect From Our Martial Arts School

5 Promises From Our Martial Arts School To You

The following are 5 very important promises that we at Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America make to all of our students and families when you become part of our martial arts family.

  1. We promise to always provide classes in a clean, safe, and uplifting environment that will inspire and motivate you. We call this our “Island Of Positive”
  2. We promise to provide you with a cutting edge, well organized, and very efficient martial arts curriculum that will result in you becoming a highly proficient martial artist.
  3. We promise to monitor your growth and celebrate your achievements as a martial artist with regular and consistent feedback in class, with timely stripe testing, and with high energy belt graduation ceremonies.
  4. We promise to conduct our business practices with integrity and always do our utmost to treat you fairly.
  5. We promise that the family, friends, and neighbors that you introduce to Nicklaus’ Martial Arts America will be treated with respect and shown the best possible service.

If you would like to talk with one of our instructors and get your FREE Beginners Month of Martial Arts lessons and your FREE uniform simply call us at 788-4410